How To Learn And Download?

How To Learn And Download?

How To Learn And Download?

How To Learn And Download At

Step 1: Login to The Website

Step 2: Click Profile In The Menu Bar

In this step you will find how many courses you had joined and the percentage you had learn

Step 3: Learn New Course

Click the course that you want to learn then remember scroll down to the bottom of each course and click the ENROLL button then you can join into the course and start the training!

Step 4: How To Learn Effectively!

  • Click to each lesson and start learn. When you have finished the course, you can mark it by click the COMPLETE button, then it will estimate the percentage that you head learn in each course!
  • You also click NEXT or PREVIOUS button to choose next or previous lesson to learn

Step 5: Download the course

At the bottom or at the top or each course have the link to download all course to your computer

Step 6: Download the software, tools, ebooks, etc

  • Go to the subcategory to find items you want to download then click to the button Free Download For Membership!


Hope you will success with these training and software!

Thanks you so much!

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