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The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course – Philip.A Covington ($497)

The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course: We developed an in-depth training program that teaches you how to build as well as manage your business on Amazon .com.

Ultimate Amazon Seller Training course covers everything you need to know, through how to start a business, to what you should know about taxes and submitting, to how to attract customers to begin with. I am also constantly using courses myself, and when We learn something new I include it to the course for you personally.

What You Will Learn From This Course?

  • How to locate and purchase products that produce thousands in monthly income on Amazon FBA
  • Precisely the step-by-step path of how We built my high six-figure Amazon FBA business
  • The PPC methods that reduce your costs and increase product sales by thousands
  • My verified methods to rank all of your items organically on page one!
  • Understand the essential technical process to sell upon Amazon that many sellers neglect
  • How to build a highly successful Amazon . com business from the ground up
  • How you can quickly validate your item idea so you can be certain that it is going to make money
  • How to source offers to validate your item before investing your hard earned money
  • How you can turn your ideas into a exceptional products that will crush your competitors
  • How to create the perfect Amazon . com listing with powerful SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and consumer psychology activates
  • How to structure and operate your business to avoid any taxes or legal headaches!
  • How you can turn your profitable items into a 6 or seven figure brand that people discover irresistible
  • How to diversify your own sales channels with a higher converting website, and a superb social media presence!

Sale Page: https://ultimate-amazon-seller.teachable.com/


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  • 01-Course Promo Video 

    • 01-The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course – The Ultimate eCommerce University
    • 02-how-to-sell-on-amazon-final
    • 03-Free Video- How To Start Selling On Amazon For Beginners – The
  • 02-Introduction To The Course 

    • 01-Welcome and Introduction – The Ultimate eCommerce University
    • 02-Decoding Amazon Acronyms for the New Seller – The Ultimate eCommerce
  • 03-Tools Recommended For This Course 

    • 01-Tools Recommended For This Course
  • 04-MODULE W1 Setting Up Your Business 

    • 01-Lecture 1- Structuring Your Business – The Ultimate eCommerce
    • 02-Lecture 2- Naming Your Business – The Ultimate eCommerce University
    • 03-Lecture 3- Do I Need An LLC- – The Ultimate eCommerce University
    • 04-Lecture 4- Forming An LLC – The Ultimate eCommerce University
    • 05-Lecture 5- International Sellers in the US Market – The Ultimate
  • 05-MODULE W2 Bookkeeping Taxes and Insurance 

    • 01-Lecture 1- Tax Identification Number – The Ultimate eCommerce
    • 02-Lecture 2- Business Taxes – The Ultimate eCommerce University
    • 03-Lecture 3- The Importance of Bookkeeping – The Ultimate eCommerce
    • 04-Lecture 4- Product Liability Insurance – The Ultimate eCommerce
    • 05-Lecture 5- EIN Application Example – The Ultimate eCommerce Uni
  • 06-MODULE W3 Business Accounts 

    • 01-Lecture 1- The Business Checking Account – The Ultimate eCommerce
    • 02-Lecture 2- Doing Business As (DBA) – The Ultimate eCommerce University
    • 03-Lecture 3- Sales Tax Revisited – The Ultimate eCommerce University
    • 04-Lecture 4- The Profit And Loss Statement – The Ultimate eCommerce
    • 05-Lecture 5- The Balance Sheet – The Ultimate eCommerce University
  • 07-MODULE W4 Setting Up Business on Amazon 

    • 01-Lecture 1- Deciding on a Store Name – The Ultimate eCommerce
    • 02-Supplement- Seven Things To Know Before Setting Up Your Amazon Se
    • 03-Lecture 2- Creating Your Amazon Seller Account – The Ultimate
    • 04-Lecture 3- Amazon Costs and Fees – The Ultimate eCommerce Univers
    • 05-Lecture 4- Introduction to Seller Central – The Ultimate eCommerc
    • 07-Lecture 6- Amazon Q4 Storage Fees – The Ultimate eCommerce Univer
    • 08-Lecture 7- Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions – Important!
  • 08-Intermission For Motivation 

    • 01-Bootstrapping For Success – A Case Study – The Ultimate eCommerce
  • 09-MODULE W5 Product Research Phase 1 

    • 01-Lecture 1- Products- What To Look For and Why the Gurus are Wrong
    • 02-Lecture 2- Should you Bundle- – The Ultimate eCommerce University
    • 03-Lecture 3- Randal s Method – Best Sellers – The Ultimate
    • 04-Lecture 4- Competition and Why It Is Good – The Ultimate eCommerce
    • 05-Lecture 5- Good Old Common Sense – The Ultimate eCommerce University
  • 10-MODULE W6 Product Research Phase 2 

    • 01-Lecture 1- Alibaba Product Research – The Ultimate eCommerce
    • 02-Lecture 2- Unconventional Product Research 2018 – The Ultimate