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Tube Tycoon – Dan Brock ($1,497)

Discover How Dan Brock Grew a YouTube Channel to 128K Subs Lightning Fast…

And Earn Up to $100K a Month In Online Income
From My YouTube Channels.

The reason why YouTube is The Future Of Affiliate marketer Marketing… (And Why 00% of Affiliates Will Be Left out in 2018)
Alright so…
See… I’ve already been doing this whole affiliate marketing point for years now…
And while creating $10, 000-$15, 000 per month from home in a couple hrs a day is totally the common dream “job”…
I wanted much more.
WAY More.
So staying faithful to Deadbeat form..
I looked far and wide for the next big chance to pull in massive online earnings while doing the least quantity of work possible.
And I would like to say the journey had been easy…

But After Setting up Several Grueling 4 Hours Work Days… I Found The following “Once Every Few Years” Opportunity Hidden Right within Plain Site:
You suspected it: YOUTUBE!

And just as with my Deadbeat Super Affiliate marketer system…
I figured everything out by doing the exact OPPOSING of what all the “gurus” are doing.
And since, I’ve been right within plain site… quietly scooping up serious commissions:
Towards the tune of a REGULAR 50 dollars, 000-$100, 000 PER MONTH…

YOU DON’T HAVE TO APPEAR upon Camera (If You Do not Want To)…
So it does not matter if you have a pimpled acne face… have bucked teeth… or you just can not “pull it together” upon camera…
Because no one will certainly ever know it’s a person behind the scenes.

It can be done on nearly zero budget.
There are not many businesses you can start for because cheap as a YouTube company.
All you need is a $20 microphone… Power Point or Open up Office, and you have everything you need to begin!

You can also be completely UNAWARE about the topic you’re creating videos about.
A lot of the stations I started I knew absolutely nothing about the topics.
Because if you use research “hacks”, you can produce high value videos in subjects you have no expertise within.

It works in ANY niche.
Which means it doesn’t matter if you’re affiliate marketer, a good eCommerce seller, product funnel… or local business.
This could work for you.

Best of all it’s run by 100% free traffic…
So you don’t have to be among those braineak computer geniuses to find it out.
No paid advertising math… analytics… or any of that complex boring stuff to get this particular to work.
And it doesn’t price a penny to keep the visitors coming in.

Introducing… Tube Tycoon™!

Here’s What You Get Within My Tube Tycoon™ Youtube . com System
Walk with me step-by-step, and I’ll show you just how to create and promote your own brand new YouTube channel… after which turn it into an affiliate commission rate generating powerhouse!

Week zero – YouTube Theory Described
As soon as you login, I will tak you through the nuts and mounting bolts on how YouTube works.. and also the most important aspects you MUST focus on if you want to grow your channel fast.

Week 1 – Choose Your Money Making YouTube Market
See, certain niches are more effective on Youtube than others. That is why I dedicate the very first week of my system to helping you find the right market for you, and getting all your investigation together so you can create a limitless stream of profit-pulling Youtube . com videos.

Week 2 — Create Your YouTube Videos About My Viral Video Method
Over the years I’ve “cracked the actual code” on how to make affiliate/selling videos go viral online. Do this correctly, and you can avalanche your websites and property pages with tons of targeted visitors.

And best of all… A person DON’T have to appear on movie if you don’t want to.

week 3 – Optimize as well as Promote Your Videos Along with 100% FREE Traffic.
Well by pass all the grunt work as well as go right to the primary factors that matter with regards to optimizing your YouTube channel… and getting TONS of FREE TRAFFIC… so that it takes off right from the actual get go.

Week 4 — Infusing Your Channel Along with Traffic Using My “Perpetual YouTube Traffic Machine”.
This really is by far the most important piece of the system, and I contribute the actual success to my stations to this one special peace. It is easy to set up once you know how you can implement it.

And let me personally remind you..
Tube Tycoon works in any niche, for just about any product. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good affiliate… an eCom seller… product vendor… or even the local pizza guy trying to marketplace his business…
Tube Tycoon is what you need.

SALE PAGE: https://deadbeat.mykajabi.com/p/tube-tycoon-v1

  • 00-Introduction to Tube Tycoon 

    • 01-Welcome to Tube Tycoon!
    • 02-About Your Lazy Instructor
    • 03-You Can Live Your Dream!!!
  • 01-Week 0 - Lazy YouTube Theory 

    • 01-The Tube Tycoon Blueprint (How it Works Overview)
    • 02-YouTube Theory (Foundation Principles)
    • 03-Required Tools _ Recommendations
  • 02-Week 1 - Ninja-Deadbeat Niche Selection, Buttery Keywords, + Research Mojo 

    • 01-Week 1 [CLASS] The Training
    • 02-Epic_List_of_YouTube_Affiliate_Niche_Markets
    • 03-TubeTycoonWeek1Slides
  • 03-Week 2 - The Deadbeat Video Formula 

    • 01-Week 2 Class Walk Through – START HERE For Week 2
    • 02-Anatomy of A High Converting High Value YouTube Video (Walkthrough)
    • 03-A Complete PowerPoint Video Creation Sequence (Click for Click)
    • 04-Outsource Whiteboard Animated Video (Example)
    • 05-The Sandwich Tutorial Method (Example)
    • 06-Getting a Voice Over To Do Your Scripts
    • 07-How_to_Crush_Anxiety_with_Natural_Remedies
  • 04-Thank You Page Setup 

    • 01-Part 1 Setting Up Your Thank You Page (The Video)
    • 01-Part 1 Setting Up Your Thank You Page (The Video)-2
    • 02-Part 2 Setting Up Your Thank You Page (The Widgets)
    • 03-Part 3 Setting Up a Custom Thank You Page (Optional)
  • 05-Thumbnails Explained 

    • 01-Using Photoshop or Gimp to Create Powerful Thumbnails
    • 02-Using Canva to Create Sexy Thumbnails (Great Free Alternative)
  • 06-Week 3 - Blasting Your Videos With Traffic (Promote the Heck Out of Them) 

    • 01-Week 3 [CLASS] YouTube SEO Revealed
    • 02-High_CTR_Titles_for_Videos
  • 07-Video Traffic Strategy The First 24 Hours 

    • 01-Step 1 Social Bookmarking
    • 02-Step 2 Google Plus Promotion
    • 03-Step 3 Facebook Group Promotion
  • 08-Video Marketing Strategy 24-48 Hours In 

    • 01-Video Distribution Step by Step (Part 1)
    • 02-Video Distribution Step By Step (Part 2)
    • 03-The Bing Ads Jump Start (Optional)
  • 09-Video Marketing Strategy 48 Hours+ 

    • 01-Quora Unveiled (Part 1 – Setting Up a Performing Profile)
    • 02-Quora Unveiled (Part 2 – Answering Answers for High Retention Views)
  • 10-Week 4 The Perpetual YouTube Traffic Machine 

    • 01-Week 4 [CLASS] The YouTube Perpetual Traffic Machine
  • 11-Week 5 BONUS - Round Up Affiliate Offers, Wordpress, and More 

    • 01-Week 5 Class Replay
  • 12-BONUSES! YEAH! 

    • 01-Epic_List_of_YouTube_Affiliate_Niche_Markets
    • 02-Anatomy-Of-Video-Formula
    • 03-Example_Video_Script-_Health_Topic
    • 04-Example-Video-Template-Wart-Removal-3-minute-presentation
    • 05-Independent_Product_Review_Example_-_4_minute_video
    • 06-Tinnitus_Video_Script_Round_-_2_minute_video
    • 07-Tinnitus_Video_Script_Round_-_MASS_PRODUCE
    • 08-video_script_1-eye-circle-script-
    • 09-video_script-2-puffy_eyes_from_allergies
    • 10-Deadbeat Product Portal
    • 11-Deadbeat Product Portal