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How To Sell More Shirts V2

How To Sell More Shirts V2.0 – Michael Essek ($29.99)

How To Sell More Shirts! [Second Edition]
Fully Revised & Updated Strategies, Tips And Tricks To Help You Sell T-Shirts Online with Merch By Amazon And Print-On-Demand Sites – Even If You’ve Never Sold A T-Shirt Before!

Are you a Designer, Illustrator or Artist selling T-Shirts online through sites like Merch By Amazon and Redbubble?

Are you struggling to grow your income consistently each month?
Do you just want to sell more Shirts?
If So – You’re Not Alone!

My name is Michael Essek – and for the past 3 years I have been designing and selling T-Shirts online. 

In that time I’ve grown my income from $50 a month to $10,000 a monthand more. 
I believe anyone with competent design abilities can achieve similar – and probably much better – results, thanks to the ever-increasing methods for creative designers to make money selling their artwork online.
You just need to understand the key principles and strategies that will help you grow a succesful and sustainable online T-Shirt business.

So What’s Inside?!

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn inside ‘How To Sell More Shirts [Second Edition]‘…

  • How to identify the types of T-Shirt Markets you should be targeting (and those you should ignore– pg. 8
  • The kinds of T-Shirts you mustbe creating to make decent money – long into the future! – pg. 28
  • How to develop a strategy for generating solid design ideas that are muchmore likely to generate regular sales – pg. 23
  • Quick and simple ways to upgradeyour designs so that you are the premium option – pg. 37
  • How to stand out in crowded niches and super-hot trends (without just lowering your prices)– pg. 48
  • How to use social media to find popular design ideas that you won’t find anywhere else – pg. 45
  • How to use Amazon’s search function to bring ideas to YOU  -pg. 51
  • The often-made mistakes that almost all newbie sellers make, and how YOU can avoid them – pg. 55

Plus 6 NEW Chapters of content, including the following NEW information:

  • How to scale up your income – by learning how many sales you need to make $100/$500/$1000 a month– and more! – pg. 11
  • Where to focus your attention in order to find new untapped opportunities – pg. 14
  • How to increase sales on RedBubble – including 7 top tactics to ensure your designs get maximum attention – pg. 18
  • Generate more Merch By Amazon sales by asking yourself these 3 simple questions – pg. 61
  • How to organise your designs and listing data so that you maintain control of your income at all times (including a FREEspreadsheet template to organise Merch By Amazon listings) – pg. 40
  • BONUS Q&A chapters on Teespring and other POD sites – answering questions like: Should You Setup A New Account For Every New Niche? | How can you get hold of decent designers at reasonable rates? | Can you use multiple fulfilment partners within your own ecommerce store? | and…
  • Tips for lower tier Merch By Amazon sellers and beginners – pg. 72 
  • The steps you can take todayto protect yourself when using Virtual Assistants on POD sites  – pg. 70
  • How to know when it is time to open your own online store – and when it’s worth it – pg. 68

More Praise For The Ideas & Strategies You’ll Find In ‘How To Sell More Shirts’…

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