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How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer – John Sonmez ($299)

How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer is a systematic way to build up your reputation, authority and goodwill…

By always looking to give enormous value before you ask for anything in return.

When you do this consistently, you’ll find that you’re no longer struggling to chase opportunities.

Instead, you’re attracting the very best opportunities to come to YOU.

And as your career grows YOU grow, becoming a better and more fulfilled software developer.

This course contains my entire system for:

  • Landing the job you’ve always wanted—solving challenging problems, pushing yourself to develop your technical skills, and working with people who share your passion for the craft of software development
  • Earning a raise of 20%, 50% or even as much as 300% over the coming months and years
  • Creating your own “safety net” of career opportunities so you never have to worry about where your next paycheck will come from—this is TRUE security
  • Building a reliable feeder system for 4- and 5-figure freelancing and consulting work
  • Creating a platform for launching your own profitable business as an entrepreneur, either by selling your knowledge or by creating a software product
  • Enjoying more satisfaction in your day to day work
  • Mastering your craft and continuing to improve your skills and productivity
  • Building relationships that can lead to profitable business opportunities down the road
  • Earning more respect from your team and manager and a voice in making critical decisions
  • Developing the confidence to stand up for yourself—and even walk away from a toxic job

Here’s How It All Works…

The course is presented in 6 modules, each building on the ideas in the previous modules, brick by brick, until you’ve assembled your new career-enhancing platform.

In each module, I’ll personally walk you through a handful of key concepts.

Then I’ll show you the practical, step-by-step actions to take that will quickly begin to build your reputation and authority in your chosen niche—and start earning the respect your knowledge and accomplishments deserve.

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