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Franklin Hatchett – eCom Elites

ECom Elites – Franklin Hatchett ( $197)

This Course Will Help You Discover How Can Build A 6 Figure Online Business

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Obtain access to Full Training And learn The device That’s Generated $498, 879 In Profit Over The Last a year Alone. I’m Going To Demonstrate Exactly How You Can Profit Along with Products You Don’t Even Contact!

Module 1: Product Investigation

Learn everything you need to know about the basics of product research as well as my triangle of revenue. In this training I enable you to get in the mindset and check out two products of my very own that I’ve sold. ($497 Value)

Module 2: Creating Store

I take a person through step by step showing a person how to setup a rewarding online store. From start to finish we are going to go over exactly how to get some misconception and running. ($197 Value)

Module 3: Facebook Marketing

EVERYTHING you need to know about starting rewarding adverts on Facebook. More than 30 videos showing a person step by step from start to finish how you can advertise you store within the platform. ($1, 497 Value)

Module 4: Understanding Myspace

Understand how to read data and just how Facebook works. Understanding the basic principles of data and how to understand Myspace is going to give you an advantage! ($497 Value)

Module 5: Instagram Traffic

Learn how to obtain floods of traffic to your own store using Instagram. Additionally, you will learn how to use Instagram marketing correctly. Discover how I use Instagram to create a passive income with regard to my stores. ($497 Value)

Module 6: Google Search Visitors

I have years of experience with regards to this! Learn my easy method that rank the products on the from web page of Google. While everybody else is doing it the old method I’ll show you the best way. ($997 Value)

Module 7: E-mail marketing

Discover exactly how I use e-mail marketing to bring in over 30% associated with my eCom profits. We show you how to collect prospects for your store and marketplace to them with my item launch formula. ($997 Value)

Module 8: Business and Growth

Never seen prior to in any eCom training! We show you exactly how you can start your web business. I cover business ten, growth and even dive heavy into taxes. ($497 Value)

Module 9: Top Secret

In no way seen before methods to assist you to increase you sales over time. I have never shared these types of before! I’ve also additional a couple sneaky little tips. These are my little techniques. ($497 Value)


  • 00-eCom Introduction 

    • 01-eCom Introduction
    • 02-Take A Look At The Results
  • 01- Sourcing Products And Research 

    • 01-Sourcing Products (Start Here)
    • 02-Product Research Overview
    • 03-Finding Products To Sell
    • 04-Product Sales Volume
    • 05-Triangle Of Sales
    • 06-Using Wanelo For Research
    • 07-Using Wish.com To Find Products
    • 08-Using Etsy.com For T-Shirt Research
    • 09-Is There An Audience
    • 10-Spying On Stores
    • 11-Facebook Product Research
    • 12-Start Building Mind Maps For Ideas
    • 13-The Lazy Way
    • 14-The Perfect Product Doesn_t Exist
    • 15-Don_t Worry It Gets Easier
    • 16-Selling A Fresh Product
    • 17-Top 5 Broad Niches
    • 18-Selling Product Recap
    • 19-(Bonus) Niche Research Software
    • 20-(Bonus) Print On Demand Products
    • 21-(Bonus) My 6 Figure Product
    • 22-(Bonus) As Seen On TV
  • 02 - Setting Up Your Shopify Store 

    • 01-Start Your Store And Unlock It (Start Here)
    • 02-General or Niche Store
    • 03-Getting Your Store Setup
    • 04-Setting Up Payment Options
    • 05-Getting Shipping Setup
    • 06-Customizing Checkout Page
    • 07-Essential Plugins
    • 08-Setting Up Product Automation
    • 09-Setting Up Abandon Cart Emails
    • 10-Create An Upsell
    • 11-Branded Domain Setup
    • 12-Email Setup
    • 13-Customer service
    • 14-Store Funnel
  • 03-Facebook Part 1 

    • 01-Facebook Advertising Intro (Start here)
    • 02-Facebook Advertising Structure
    • 03-Facebook Advert Account Overview
    • 04-Getting More Facebook Advert Options
    • 05-Creating Your Facebook Page
    • 06-Starting A Facebook Business Account
    • 07-Facebook Advertising Method #1
    • 08-Facebook Advertising Method #2
    • 09-Facebook Advertising Method #3
    • 10-The $5 Advert Method
    • 11-Beginner Friendly Advert Structure
    • 12-Building Up Your Audience
    • 13-(Flex Targeting) Building Combos
    • 14-More Targeting Options
    • 15-Understanding The Facebook Pixel
    • 16-How To Install Pixel Code
    • 17-How To Create Advert Images
    • 18-How To Create Quick Videos
    • 19-Create Videos In Seconds With Your Smart Phone
    • 20-Creating A Website Conversion Advert
    • 21-Creating A Post Engagement Advert
    • 22-Creating A Carousel Advert
    • 23-Split Testing Adverts
    • 24-Reading The Breakdown Data
    • 25-Reading Data Performance Columns
    • 26-How I Scale (Mind Map)
    • 27-Visual Scaling Of Adverts
    • 28-Nice And Easy Way To Scale
    • 29-How To Create A Look a Like Audience
    • 30-Setting Up Your Retargating
    • 31-(Bonus) Facebook 100k Blueprint
    • 32-(Bonus) Going Viral On A Dime
    • 33-(Bonus) Target Birthdays And Anniversaries
  • 04 - Facebook Part 2 

    01-Facebook Optimization

    • 01-Facebook Optimization
    • 02-Understanding The Facebook 15+ Conversion Fact
    • 03-Automatic Bidding
    • 04-Manual Bidding
    • 05-Manual Bidding Part 2
    • 06-Data Mining
    • 07-Conversions Windows
    • 08-The Truth About Fast 6-7 Figure Scales
    • 09-Using The Power Editor
  • 05 - Instagram Traffic 

    • 01-Using Instagram For Traffic
    • 02-Instagram Retarget Blueprint
    • 03-Finding Influencers
    • 04-Instagram Influencer Pricing
    • 05-Finding Influencers With Google
    • 06-How To Run Instagram Adverts The Right Way
    • 07-Schedule Instagram Post To Stay Engaged
  • 06 - Organic Google Traffic (SEO) 

    • 01-SEO Introduction (Start here)
    • 02-Keyword Research
    • 03-Researching The Top 10
    • 04-Ranking Structure
    • 05-Building backlinks
    • 06-Getting White Hat Backlinks
    • 07-Module Recap
    • 08-(Bonus) SEO Hack
  • 07 - Email Marketing 

    • 01-Email Marketing Intro (Start Here)
    • 02-Collecting Leads
    • 03-Create A landing Page
    • 04-Creating A List
    • 05-Your Shopify Store List
    • 06-Your Lead Generation List
    • 07-Email Automation
    • 08-Create A Lead Magnet
    • 09-Create Lead Facebook Advert
    • 10-My Product Launch Formula
    • 11-(Bonus) Coupon Leads
    • 12-(Bonus) Reading Even More Data
  • 08 - Business And Sales 

    • 01-Increase Your Sales
    • 02-Upscale with VAs
    • 03-Business 101
    • 04-Having A Business Goal
  • 09 - Top Secret Videos 

    • 01-Crush It With Warranties
    • 02-Crafty Coupon Trick
    • 03-Use Review Websites For leverage
    • 04-Build Huge Fan Pages _ Email List
    • 05-Facebook Ninja Spying
  • 10-Update Module Ongoing Videos 

    • 01-Using The Updated Insights Tool
    • 02-Don_t Make This Mistake!
    • 03-New Manual Bidding Method
    • 04-Affinity Is Back!
    • 05-Better Structure and Social Proof
    • 06-Diving Deeper Into Data
    • 07-(Email Profits) The Secret Sauce
    • 08-(Email Profits) Video 2
    • 09-(Email Profits) Video 3
    • 10-(Email Profits) Video 4
    • 11-(Email Profits) Video 5
    • 12-(Email Profits) Video 6
    • 13-(Email Profits) Video 8
    • 14-(Email Profits) Video 9
    • 15-(Email Profits) Video 10
  • 11-Video Request 

    • 01-Request A Video
    • 02-Using Multiple Facebook Accounts
    • 03-Shopify _ Adwords (From My Friend)
    • 04-Doing Custom Conversions
    • 05-What to do With a PPE After Testing
    • 06-Looking At Ad Copy
    • 07-Custom Video For Janelle
    • 08-Custom Video For Chris
  • 12-Weekly Videos 

    01-Live Q_A Video #1

    • 01-Live Q_A Video #1
    • 02-Live Q_A Video #2
    • 03-Live Q_A Video #3
    • 04-Live Q_A Video #4
    • 05-Live Q_A Video #5
    • 06-Live Q_A Video #6
    • 07-Live Motivation Video
    • 08-Spying on Flippa Sites