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Affiliate Marketing Revolution – Luca De Stefani ($599)

Internet affiliate marketing Revolution is a compelling training course. It is made by Luca Hun Stefani, who made the superb Self-Publishing Revolution course. This promises the same things that their other course offers : a no B. H take on how to make money as an affiliate. He starts the training course by showing how the large players in affiliate marketing make money. It kind of starts your eyes to what is really going on behind the scenes.

Internet affiliate marketing Basics

Sometimes you see reasons for having affiliate marketing on YouTube or upon blogs and it doesn’t truly stand out to you or keep much meaning until you make use of this course, which will, in essence, raise that marketing veil for you personally all.

At first, you will find hard believe that you’ve missed on all of these gems that were correct in front of you for so long. Within AMR, Luca will train you on how to really make money within affiliate marketing and will show you the actual truth about this business.

This is simply not a cheap, as it is now over $598 which sounds like a lot of money. This really is my biggest sticking stage with the course. Yes is actually provides you with lots of valuable info, but I believe that the higher price tag scares many people aside.

Luckily there are usually coupons on the squeeze page for twenty percent off.

I know that Luca has already released another movie that is about 13 moments long since the initial launch of the course and he will be updating it constantly. Right after going through the course, I had been pretty impressed with the quantity of content there was and I only want to talk to you guys and provide you my rundown from the course itself.

Here are just some of the many things you will learn with Affiliate Marketing Trend:

The secrets of internet affiliate marketing pros, and the work they do

How to make money in e-mail marketing

Choosing programs that actually create real money

How to use social media to create money

The details of position, conversions, and optimization

How you can run several different businesses hands free on different platforms, in various niches, and even under various names if you prefer

Fundamental SEO knowledge

Most importantly, how you can ensure that your business(es) revolve around creating commissions and generating earnings

The thing I personally like about Luca is that he shows you their dashboards so you can see how a lot money he is actually creating, unlike other affiliate marketing programs. What I also like about the training course is that it delves deeply in to the topics.

The video course adopts detail on what topics to pick, which niches you should be within, and how to select a niche. Which means you are able to look at products for example Clickbank and JVZOO and find out what is out there and what can be obtained to you. Luca also teaches you on what criteria to include in order to select those items.

If you are not yet familiar with internet affiliate marketing, you wouldn’t be aware of exactly what products to select and I think the majority of the affiliate marketing courses out there usually do not show you which products to pick. Luca De Stefani information step by step the different products and websites and tell you what to choose, what to look for, and what niches you need to be in as well.

Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Luca’s focus with this particular program is not on shallow things such as just how to build the blog or just how to open up a YouTube account. That is refreshing. Instead, he discusses the actual strategies that you will utilize once you already have opened up all those accounts and once you have currently built your blog.

Instead, this individual talks about the actual strategies you will use once you already have started out those accounts and once you might have already built your blog.

Myspace Mastermind Bonus

Included in AMR is a Facebook mastermind team that Luca moderates as well as actively participate in. He is an extremely busy guy so if this individual doesn’t have time to solution you right away, he will generally get back to you with an solution within 24 to 48 hours or so. The point is that he is mixed up in group, along with a lot of others.

Right now, people are just starting out along with AMR, so if you post something, there is a high probability that others are going to jump right along with their opinions. No one is generally a master marketer right now and we are all just sort of awaiting Luca to weigh within and see what he states on the different subjects.

One more thing I really like about AMR could be that the videos actually show Luca making money specifically with the techniques that he talks about in the course. It really is reassuring to see this since it shows that he knows the way the strategies work and actually utilizes them to generate income.

The Disadvantages To Affiliate Marketing Revolution

I was just touching on all those videos that show Luca making money using his own techniques, which I do like. Things i don’t like is that this individual shows you how to make money utilizing an already existing account, his own account Big Luca Lots of money. This account already offers 500 or 600 customers so the video doesn’t display someone starting from scratch. Really dont think the money he can make with that account would be really realistic compared to someone who is simply starting out.

Also when Luca De Stefani talks about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION it is not discussed in just as much detail as I think this deserves. Obviously, this is a big subject and could be a completely separate course on it is own, but to not get into detail about SEO is actually disappointing.

Affiliate marketing is such an extensive, complex subject almost every topic could potentially be a course within and of itself, so it is easy to understand that he has to draw the fishing line somewhere. That being said, I am hoping which Luca De Stefani truly takes this course seriously as well as updates it regularly.

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  • Download the course 

    • Download the course
  • 00-Welcome video 

    • 00-Welcome video
  • Module 1 - Mindset The Right Way - Dont Skip This 

    • 01 – Pick Your Niche To Make
    • 02 – Should You Disclose Affiliate
    • 03 – Should You Promote Products You ve Personally Tried
    • 04 – How To Acquire Products For Reviews
    • 05 – Acquire The Demographics
  • Module 2 - Profitable Blog YouTube Video Analysis 

    • 01 – John Chow Blog
    • 02 – Pat Flynn Blog
    • 03 – Mike From Maine Blog
    • 04 – Binary Options CPA YouTube
  • Module 3 - Lets Lay The Groundwork 

    • 01 – Making Sense of Clickbank
    • 02 – Making Sense of JVZoo
    • 03 – Muncheye
    • 04 – Making Sense of Warrior Plus
    • 05 – Opt-in Page Aweber Leadpages
  • Module 4 - How To Make Money With YouTube (Watch Big Luca make Money Live) 

    • 01 – How To Insert Affiliate Links
    • 02 – The 2 Best Ways To Rank Videos
    • 03 – Case Study Build My List
    • 04 – Multiple ways To Make Money
    • 05- Multiple Ways To Make Money (Part 2)
    • 06 – Interviews
    • 08- 2nd Update Video By Keyword (SECOND COMMISSION)
    • 09- 3rd Update Video By Keyword (THIRD COMMISSION)
    • 10 – 1st Update Video Ranked By Hype
    • 11- 2nd Update Video Ranked By Hype
    • 12- 3rd Update Video Ranked by Hype
    • 13-Update Video Ranked By Hype (September Commissions)
  • Module 5 - How To Build An Entire Website Without Your Face Being There 

    • 01-Overview
    • 02-Choose Your Keywords Clickbank And Google Keyword Tool
    • 03-How To Buy Expiring Domain Names
    • 04-Buy A Fresh Domain
    • 05-Install WordPress
    • 06- PrettyLink
    • 07-Blog Articles
    • 08- How To Sprinkle Your Affiliate Links
    • 09-Open A Facebook Account, Start Facebooking
    • 10- Open Facebook Account, Start Facebooking Part 2
    • 11- Sign Up Button
    • 12- Learn Facebook Ads To Gather Emails
    • 13-Email Marketing Overview
    • 14- Links Follow Up Emails Broadcast Emails
    • 15-One Article Each Week
    • 16-How To Outsource Youtube Videos
    • 17- Paid Traffic To Spice Everything Up (Part 1)
    • 18-Paid Traffic To Spice Everything Up (Part 2)
    • 19-Instagram Twitter (Part 1)
    • 20- Instagram Twitter (Part 2)
    • 21-Final Lesson
  • Module 6 - Case Studies And Bonus Videos 

    • 01- Presell Your Prospects
    • 02-3-week Diet Review Video Niche Youtube Channel